We believe that every student deserves to see the world firsthand.

No budget? Join the club. Just because there is no budget, doesn't mean your students don't deserve Skype tours.

In fact, they deserve it more.

That's why we provide full service fundraising. It's simple, easy, and there are no fees.


1— Nonlocal manages your campaign; from software, to answering questions, to applying donations to your account.

2— You and your students get the word out. With Facebook, handouts...any way you like.

3—In a few weeks, your campaign is complete and your program is paid for.


Fundraising Benefits


Because our school doesn’t have money, teachers have to pay out of pocket for extra things. I thought why not try GoFundMe? We had a need and GoFundMe was there to help.
— Ms. Quigley, Elementary school teacher


The most trusted platforms

We use the most trusted crowdfunding platforms, like GoFundMe and Indiegogo.

No fees, 100% pass through

We charge no fees, and every dollar raised goes to your Nonlocal programs.

Incentives that energize

From t-shirts, to mugs, and hats, we provide incentives, at every giving level, to energize your campaign.  

To learn more contact us, or try a tour free.